Unlock Global Talent: Your Offshore Development Hub

Transform your business with NovaDev’s Offshore Development Center. From idea to execution, we craft tailored solutions, harnessing global talent to propel your projects forward. Experience seamless integration, expert project management, and unparalleled support as we build your offshore development hub, ensuring your success in the digital landscape.


Welcome to Your Offshore Development Center
At NovaDev, we understand the power of global talent and the importance of strategic expansion. Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) service empowers businesses to establish a dedicated and scalable offshore presence, leveraging top-tier expertise without geographical constraints. Whether you’re seeking to extend your development capabilities, optimize costs, or tap into new markets, our ODC solution provides the foundation for success. Explore how NovaDev can guide you through the journey of establishing your offshore development center, unlocking limitless possibilities for growth and innovation.

Scalability and Flexibility

Tailored Solutions and Expertise

Comprehensive Support and Infrastructure

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

ODC Models

  • Build-Operate-Transfer ODC (BOT)

    NovaDev facilitates the establishment of a dedicated development center tailored to your specifications. We handle everything from sourcing office space to recruiting skilled professionals. Once the legal and HR aspects are finalized, we transfer ownership to you, enabling you to independently manage your representative office.

  • Managed ODC

    If you prefer a hands-off approach to managing your dedicated ODC, NovaDev offers a managed solution. Our team of project managers oversees your software developers while handling administrative tasks such as document preparation and accounting. We also manage the recruitment process, sparing you the need to interview candidates directly.

Whom Can you hire?

Software Engineers

ODC necessitates skilled programmers, and we can hire web developers proficient in any tech stack and at varying seniority levels.

Mobile Developers

Our dedicated mobile app developers specialize in creating Android, iOS, or cross-platform solutions.

Quality Assurance

Engage software testers for your project to ensure rapid releases and bug-free software.

UI/UX Designers

For an appealing and user-friendly product, enlist the expertise of our design department.


Implement the best DevOps practices to streamline the development process.


For support staff such as sales and marketing managers, office managers, and researchers, rely on NovaDev's BPO services.

Our Process

Share Your Project Needs

We're eager to hear about your project ideas. Before diving into details, we'll ensure your data's protection by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), prioritizing your security.

Choose Your ODC Model

Choose between our two ODC models - the Build-Operate-Transfer model or the managed model. Your decision will hinge on how you prefer to manage your remote office.

Candidate Selection and Approval

Your direct involvement in office selection and candidate screening isn't necessary. Once we find suitable matches, we'll present them for your approval.

Office Inauguration

Once the office is fully equipped and staffed, you're invited to inaugurate your offshore development center.

Project Commencement

Consider our ODC as a full-cycle development team, an extension of your company, working remotely to bring your vision to life. Distribute tasks and let the coding commence!

Ongoing Support and Management

Even after the inauguration, we remain at your service for ongoing support and management of your offshore development center.

Why Choose NovaDev for ODC?

With NovaDev’s ODC service, you gain access to a team of skilled professionals adept at delivering high-quality results efficiently. Our team is well-versed in diverse technologies and methodologies, ensuring optimal solutions for your project.
Opting for our ODC service means significant cost savings compared to establishing and managing an in-house team. You’ll benefit from reduced overhead costs, no upfront investments in infrastructure, and access to a flexible pricing model tailored to your needs.
Our ODC service offers unparalleled scalability and flexibility, allowing you to ramp up or down your team size based on project requirements. Whether you need to expand your team for a new project or downsize during quieter periods, we’ve got you covered.
By partnering with NovaDev for your ODC needs, you streamline your operations and eliminate the hassles associated with setting up and managing a remote office. We handle all administrative tasks, including legal, HR, and office management, allowing you to focus on core business activities.
We prioritize transparent communication throughout our partnership, ensuring you’re always informed and involved in decision-making processes. From regular progress updates to open channels of communication, we keep you in the loop every step of the way.
With NovaDev, you’ll receive dedicated support from a committed team invested in your project’s success. From project inception to delivery and beyond, we’re here to provide ongoing support and assistance, ensuring your objectives are met effectively and efficiently.