Unlock Your Project's Potential with Staff Augmentation Services

Empower your project with the expertise it needs. NovaDev offers flexible IT staff augmentation solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Seamlessly integrate skilled software engineers into your team to bridge talent gaps, accelerate development, and achieve your project goals with confidence.


IT Staff Augmentation
In today’s dynamic business landscape, having access to the right talent at the right time can make all the difference in the success of your project. NovaDev understands the challenges of finding and retaining top-notch developers, which is why we offer comprehensive IT staff augmentation services. Whether you need to scale your team for a short-term project or fill skill gaps for a long-term initiative, our flexible solutions empower you to build a high-performing team without the hassle of traditional hiring processes. Let us help you unlock your project’s full potential with our tailored staff augmentation services.





Quick Deployment

Seamless Integration

what we offer

Add Extra Force in Your Existing Project

Augment your existing team with the extra talent to deliver a high-quality project within your timeline. Leverage our IT team augmentation services to build custom teams with a diverse set of skills to cover your business needs.

Vendor Transition

Looking for a new technology provider to launch your solution? We assist you in a smooth and effective vendor transition and take over your project in the middle of your journey.

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Leverage this hiring model for urgent hiring of tech talent. Along with ready-to-go teams, we have a candidate base of top talent that can take on the job within a week.

Long-Term Extended Team

We offer custom recruitment for stable cooperation - you get a developer hired with the required hard and soft skills. You or your project manager can supervise task completion, while we shoulder the rest.

Augmented Teams

Web Developers

Augment your IT department with skilled and experienced programmers proficient in any technology stack required for your project's success.

Mobile Developers

Meet project deadlines and budget constraints with our skilled Android and iOS developers, ensuring the timely delivery of your mobile applications.

Software Testers

Quickly bolster your team with quality assurance (QA) engineers to ensure thorough testing and high-quality deliverables for your applications.


Access temporary or permanent assistance from our user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) experts to ensure visually appealing and intuitive designs for your applications.

DevOps Engineer

Enhance your development team's efficiency by integrating best DevOps practices with the expertise of our DevOps engineers, streamlining workflows and improving deployment processes.

Customer Experience

Alleviate the workload on your service desk and administrative staff by hiring additional resources from NovaDev, ensuring seamless customer support and administrative assistance.

Our Process

Tell Your Requirements

Share your augmentation needs with NovaDev, specifying your desired tech stack, team size, and staffing duration. Detailed requirements enable us to swiftly identify suitable candidates for your project.

Choose Developers

Select either from our pre-assembled teams for immediate staffing needs or participate in the custom recruitment process for long-term collaboration. Take an active role in interviewing and selecting candidates to ensure alignment with your project objectives.

Onboard Remote Programmers

Facilitate smooth integration of remote programmers with your in-house team. Provide comprehensive project briefs and assign specific roles and responsibilities to each team member to kickstart project activities promptly.

Manage Extended Team

Seamlessly integrate the extended team with your existing workflows and project management tools. Opt for dedicated Project Managers from NovaDev to oversee team operations, either on a full-time or part-time basis, ensuring efficient project execution.

Track Progress

Stay informed about project progress and milestones through regular updates and transparent communication channels. Benefit from our collaborative approach as we work towards delivering high-quality solutions aligned with your project requirements.

Receive Project Delivery

Experience the culmination of our efforts as we deliver your project on time and within budget. NovaDev remains committed to ensuring the successful completion of your project, providing ongoing support and assistance as needed.

How can we cooperate

Time & Material

  • Negotiable budget
  • Specific requirements
  • Large and long-term projects
  • Change-friendly

Fixed Price

  • Clear deliverables
  • Set budget
  • Full control over the project
  • No changes needed

Monthly Salary+Fee

  • Ideal for any project duration
  • Direct management
  • Budget-friendly
  • Complete dedication