SLA Support

Meet your contracted Service Level Agreements and hold yourself accountable

Reliable SLA Management

Keep your business relationships prosperous by providing extensive IT support

Having the experience of working with many types of customers through variety of industries and with unique service needs, we ensure you of providing a comprehensive and robust IT support plan that help you get your best values.

Our high speed recoveries using best practice protocols, and optimal monitoring, reporting, and management of your SLA services, guarantee your SLA compliance and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Customized IT Support Services

IT Maintenance

We deploy backups and recovery solutions for your services and infrastructures to ensure maintained data safeguards. All updates of your software, security, and monitoring systems are also offered by NovaDev.

Data Security

Powerful protections against cyber attacks, viruses, and malwares are enabled within solutions. We also get regular backups from the source codes, solutions, and datasets in case of emergency recovery needs.

Development & Support

Our team of top-tier talents and technology experts provide you with custom application development and support services tailored specifically around your needs.


Detailed documentations of your solutions, development process, and IT infrastructures, allow quick maintenance of issues that may occur together with fast implementation of new services in your product.

Professional Solution Provider

We are a software solution provider company specialized in developing custom web and mobile applications tailored to perfectly fit your business needs and requirements. We design, develop, and deploy efficient solutions to your business challenges based on the latest technologies such as AI and IoT.

With us, you are not just outsourcing your software development needs; but you are expanding your team with highly talented and expert software programmers who will be dedicated to your problem at hand.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Easily Scalable

Robust Infrastructure

Implementation & Training

Ultimate Support

Quality Assurance

Unlock Opportunities in the Digital World

Our Experience

We have valuable successful experiences working in various industries and creating solutions in different scales, from small-scale software for startups to enterprise-level solutions.